The Pear Tree Fellowship November 2017


The Pear Tree Fellowship

Pete and Jean Steele showed us some of the photos they had taken on their trip to Australia at the beginning of the year. There were obviously quite a few of these and they had decided to divide the Talk into two separate sessions.

They started with a stop-off at Singapore. They had been there before and had then promised themselves a stay in a special luxurious hotel. What better time than in the year of their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Not only was it very beautiful but there were some fantastic statues in the grounds of children swimming in the pool looking really lifelike.

Finally they reached Australia and met up with their family once more and saw the grandchildren they had missed seeing. They will continue in their next talk telling us about their Cruise and visit to New Zealand.

Next month it is billed as 'Dial a Ride' on Tuesday 14th November if you would like to join us.

Meanwhile the Committee are busy planning for the Christmas festival in December.

Joan Waugh

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