The Pear Tree Fellowship December 2019 & January 2020


The Pear Tree Fellowship

In November we had a talk from our very oldest member, Gene Toms, which she called  'Innocence Abroad'.  She told us of a 5 year period in her life when she accompanied her Teacher husband and a group of boys on trips to Europe.  

The first was to the South of France via Paris with some boys      desperately trying to beat the system.  However the masters were far too aware of their ways to let them get away with things.  The second was to Brussels and by now she was getting used to the routine and knew what to expect.  For the next few trips to Germany and Austria it did get easier as they had a Coach organised to take them round.  Gene was quite amazed that parents were quite happy for their children to be taken abroad which was quite unusual in those days but yet did not think it necessary to even say thank you all except for one.  Isn't that rather similar to one of the Parables?

It seems impossible that we have nearly reached our Christmas Meeting on Tuesday 10th December.  Members and Committee will be busy collecting greenery from their gardens to make our Christmas Flower arrangements so we will be decorating the window ledges again with our efforts after this. This is usually followed by some special Christmas Treats instead of our usual Tea and biscuits.  

Our January 2020 Meeting will be on 14th by Gail Miller and she has called it  'Oceana - A visit to Down- Under'.


Joan Waugh




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