The Pear Tree Fellowship October 2019


The Pear Tree Fellowship

For our September meeting we had a talk from Katie Wilkinson on the Dorset Wildlife Trust. This is the largest nature conservation charity in Dorset with 27,000 members.  It forms part of a nationwide plan to make the UK a green country. They work in conjunction with the National Trust and others to spread a wide network of pollination.

On a map Katie showed us this is becoming quite well covered but gaps still need to be filled.  She encouraged us to think of our own gardens and to do “our bit”.

Plant flowers at different heights and with open petals for easy feeding for insects and bees, butterflies and moths.  A medium height for shrubs and then taller trees.

Wild flowers are the best of all pollinators - dandelions, ivy, brambles etc. – a corner of the garden with  these “weeds” are most beneficial.   Homemade bug hotels are better than bought ones.

 Four main tips to take away with us:-

  • Water—always have water available for insects and birds
  • Water butt  -  to collect rainwater
  • No chemical
  • Use peat free compost

It was an interesting talk with useful reminders of the do’s and don’ts in the garden.

For more information or how to join :- Visit :  /   Call:   01305  264620 
We have left brochures on the table in the Church porch for anyone to read and also application forms should you wish to join.

Our next meeting is on October 8th – “Who do You Think you Are”  and why bother ?   Trevor Fulton

Jeanne Miller




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