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At last some signs of summer!  Though I should add that this applies to now while I am writing this in mid May and may already not be the case when you are reading it in June. However positivity is always to be encouraged and we can therefore look forward to our up-coming outside events starting with the annual strawberry and fizz tea in the church yard at All Saints’, which is looking particularly smart this year, on 8th July. Then in quick succession in September come the Parish BBQ on the 2nd and the Ride and Stride on the 8th.

In the more recent past though we have now completed Christian Aid week with a very different approach this year. The lack of response to door to door collecting over recent years has been in what we have now decided has been a terminal decline. In its place have been the collecting boxes distributed throughout the congregation together with our usual Christian Aid lunch which this year was ticketed as a further fund raiser. As I write this the results of this new approach are not yet known but feed back on the method would be much appreciated by John Pike, our Christian Aid organiser, or to the churchwardens.

These latter are still not commissioned for the coming year but remain in post in an ongoing capacity until the Archdeacon’s Visitation. This year Derek and I will be attending his service with many other local churchwardens at Winterborne Whitchurch on 7th June to be sworn in for another year. I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to my fellow warden, who was thrust into the post last year too soon to have had a sufficient break from his Tottenham duties, and has been a great source, together with Corinne, of energy, enthusiasm and general good humour and it has been a pleasure to work with him.

Our own parish Commissioning Service for our church officers will be on the following Sunday, 10th June, at the 9.45 am service at St Mark’s and I would urge those involved to attend if they possibly can.

On a completely different note, I recently watched a documentary about an attempt made by three athletes to run a marathon in under 2 hours, that means covering 26 miles at just over 13 mph for 2 hours. The scientific approach to training, diet, air usage, and endurance limit was fascinating. As also was the detailed choice of venue for the attempt taking in the need for as flat a course as possible, the climate, and the height above sea level. The three men chosen for this attempt had all won international marathons and indeed one headed this year’s London event in 2 hours and 3 minutes.

What struck me most of all though was the characters of the three athletes. They were respectively from Ethiopia, Eritrea and Kenya. All were of very poor background in western style living terms but their commitment to their chosen career, their resolve and dedication in difficult circumstances shone out. And now made famous and wealthy by that career, they were no less committed to their home villages and their own peoples.

In a very telling sermon at the end of April the Rector spoke of a world where “we” was once more important than “I” and there is more than ever still a need at all times, despite present thinking, of  “community” as some will remember it before, as The Rector put it, we were all taught “freedom” in the 1960’s. These three men from Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Kenya could perhaps show us the way back.

At the wedding of Harry and Meghan, the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which so many of us were able to enjoy, Bishop Michael Curry expounded on the power of love in his address and spoke of all it could achieve and this brings us back again to the importance of community  which is attained by love of others before self. And as he reminded us, God is Love.

Garnet Lambert

Postscript: Incidentally, and sad to report, the best of the three in this attempt at the near impossible just missed the two hour target by a few seconds.







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