Readings October 2018



Eucharists - Sundays and Holy Days
8.00 am & 9.45 am
Evensong - 3.00pm (Nov to March) 6.00pm (Apr to Oct)

(Where there is a choice of first reading at the Parish Eucharist the asterisk denotes the favoured text.
Where two page numbers are given for the same text, the first is for the Authorised Version used at 8am and Evensong and the second for the Revised English Bible used at the Parish Eucharist).


Sunday 7th

Harvest Festival  (Trinity 19)
Joel 2.21-27
1 Timothy 6.6-10 *
Matthew 6.25-33

p. 920/760
p. 1199/188
p. 967/5

Sunday 14th


6.00 pm

The Twentieth Sunday after Trinity
Amos 5. 14 -15 *
Hebrews 4. 12-end
Mark 10. 17-31

Joshua 5.13 – 6.20
Matthew 11. 20-end



Sunday 21st

The Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity
Isaiah 53. 4-end *
Hebrews 5. 1-10
Mark 10. 35-45


Sunday 28th


3.00 pm


The Last Sunday after Trinity
Jeremiah 31. 7-9 *
Hebrews 7. 23-end
Mark 10. 46-end
Ecclesiastes chs. 11 and 12

2 Timothy 2. 1-7
Luke 18. 9-14



October is the month when the dedicated follower of cricket discovers that his wife left him in May! It is also the time when the encroaching darkness provides unwelcome confirmation of what is to come. In spite of Christmas displays appearing in the shops seasonal jollity is still some way off so it is important to enjoy  Harvest Festival  and the opportunity it gives to look back nostalgically at the Summer that has gone.  It was long, hot and dry, and we wonder when we will see another of its ilk. Our thanksgiving for God’s bounty also invites us to look forward, to use God’s gifts wisely and to seek his future. Here in this parish we are launching Breakfast @ Nine, for if we are to have a share in God’s future, then rather than burying our talent in the ground, we must use it to  engage with  people – the great majority in society - for whom church as we know and love it has become culturally inaccessible.  If  we are to make any impact  I cannot stress how vital it is that Breakfast @ Nine has the backing of the whole church both prayerfully and practically. The brief, culminating act of worship is not being offered as an alternative for existing members. Please attend the 8 o’clock or Parish Eucharist (10.00am from beginning of October) as normal but if you are able to commit to staying on or coming early to be a part of Breakfast @ Nine  please do so. YOUR CHURCH NEEDS YOU!

Charles Booth         


Holy Baptism
Shine as a light in the world to the glory of God the Father

Phoebe Taylor             William Leggett

May they rest in peace and rise in glory
Roz Hall        Joan Rossiter      Ray Kirby       Grace Sargeant

Burial of ashes
May they rest in peace and rise in glory
Leonard Cabble      Roz Hall

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