Readings October 2019



Eucharists - Sundays and Holy Days
8.00 am & 10.00 am
Evensong - 3.00pm (Nov to March) 6.00pm (Apr to Oct)

(Where there is a choice of first reading at the Parish Eucharist the asterisk denotes the favoured text.
Where two page numbers are given for the same text, the first is for the Authorised Version used at 8am and Evensong and the second for the Revised English Bible used at the Parish Eucharist).


Sunday 6th


Philippians 4.4-9
John 6.25-35

(p. 1071/84)

Sunday 13th


Evensong 6pm

The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity
2 Kings 5.1-3, 7-15*
2Timothy 2.6-15
Luke 17.11-19

Nehemiah 6.1-16
John 15.12-end



Sunday 20th

The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity
Genesis 32.22-31*
2 Timothy 3.14-4.5
Luke 18.1-8


Sunday 27th


Evensong 6pm

The Last Sunday after Trinity
Jeremiah 14.7-10, 19-end
2 Timothy 4.6-8, 16-18*
Luke 18.9-14

Ecclesiastes chs 11 and 12
2 Timothy 2.1-7



I was asked recently why we keep Harvest Festival in October when for the most part the Harvest has long since been gathered in. I must admit I’m not entirely sure of the answer but it may be a hangover from the days when  harvesting was a manual activity. The grain harvest began at the beginning of August as it does now but without machinery it must have taken an awful long time to gather it, and then of course there was the harvest of fruit and vegetables as well. Alternatively, Harvest Festival as we know it, being a somewhat wistful Victorian creation, may rely on the encroaching darkness of October to generate that sense of cosiness which is so much a part of it. Clearly, Harvest is a pliable feast both in terms of its date and meaning. For the majority of us who do not work on the land it has long been a celebration at one remove.  When a crop failure doesn’t threaten starvation just a few pence more on the price of  a loaf it’s not easy to generate a heartfelt sense of thanksgiving.  Yet, in addition to thanksgiving there have always been two subsidiary themes in Harvest Festival, viz; stewardship of God’s creation and concern for social justice. Both of them have strong scriptural warrant not least in the writings of the Prophets.  In this age of environmental crisis Harvest Festival can be a reminder  of our  duty to the Creation of which we are appointed stewards and our duty to our neighbour. These responsibilities have never been so urgent. May God give us grace to rise to them.    

Charles Booth

Holy Baptism
Shine as a light in the world to the glory of God the Father

Alice Bartlett     Erin Bartlett

Rest in peace and rise in glory
Ivy Roberts


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