Readings April 2019



Eucharists - Sundays and Holy Days
8.00 am & 10.00 am
Evensong - 3.00pm (Nov to March) 6.00pm (Apr to Oct)

(Where there is a choice of first reading at the Parish Eucharist the asterisk denotes the favoured text.
Where two page numbers are given for the same text, the first is for the Authorised Version used at 8am and Evensong and the second for the Revised English Bible used at the Parish Eucharist).

 Sun 7th

The Fifth Sunday of Lent
(Passion Sunday)
Isaiah 43. 16-21
Philippians 3. 4b-14 *
John 12. 1-8



Sun 14th





Tenebrae  6pm

Palm Sunday
Liturgy of the Palms
Luke 19.28-40

Liturgy of the Passion
Luke 22.14 – 23.end *

Readings  as  announced


p. 1054/70

p.  1058/73


Thurs 18th

Maundy Thursday

Exodus 12. 1-4 [5-10], 11-14
1 Corinthians 11. 23-26
John 13. 1-17, 31b-35


p. 63
p. 92

Fri 19th

Good Friday
Isaiah. 52.13 – 53.end
John 18.1 -19.end

p. 614
p. 96

Sun 21st
6.00 am


Evensong  6pm

Easter Day
Acts 10.34-43
John 20.1-18

Acts 10. 34-43
Luke 24.1-12

Isaiah 43.1-21
John 20.19-23

p. 1091

p. 111
p. 76

p. 605

Sun 28th


6.00 pm

The Second Sunday of Easter
Exodus 14. 10-end; 15. 20-21
Acts 5. 27-32
John 20. 19-end

Isaiah 52.13 – 53.12
Luke 24. 13-35


p.76/56 p.1099/105


A late Easter this year means that the sun will already have risen by the time we gather in the churchyard for the Proclamation of the Resurrection. And neither will our celebration be graced with daffodils, although I’m sure that, when it comes to the church interiors, the respective flower teams will rise to the challenge and do as wonderful a job as ever.  By 21st April we may have the benefit of added warmth and that will certainly be appreciated even it hasn’t made its presence felt by 6.00am. Prior to Easter Day itself we have the full range of Holy Week services as we seek to follow Christ in the way of the Cross. We begin with the Palm Sunday Procession and dramatised reading of the Passion according to St. Luke. That is followed in the evening by Tenebrae, a service of music and word in which candles are gradually extinguished, leaving only the Christ-light, a symbol of Jesus’ isolation but also of a life that cannot be extinguished even by death. On Monday and Tuesday in Holy Week there are reflective services of Compline followed on Wednesday by Holy Communion in which we dwell on Judas and betrayal, remembering that there is something of Judas in all of us. On Maundy Thursday at the Eucharist of the Lord’s Supper we remember Jesus ‘ instruction to his disciples to love one another and follow his example in washing one another’s feet and then on Good Friday we process with the Cross and enter again into the mystery of Our Lord’s Passion. Each year I am struck by the fact that Holy Week is not just a series of rituals but a living devotion.  It is by entering into the story and kneeling at the foot of the Cross that intellectual and personal inhibition is overcome and that we become most truly Christian disciples. May your observance of Holy Week be truly blessed and crowned with Easter joy.

Charles Booth


Holy Baptism
Shine as a light in the world to the glory of God the Father
Dolly Turner

Rest in peace and rise in glory

Don Lock      Yvonne Welfare       Dorothy Evernden
Joy Taylor      Hazel Smith

Burial of ashes
Andrew Taylor      Dennis Hasted     Ivy Pinto




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