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Trinity Sunday

25th May 2024 

As a curate one Trinity Sunday many years ago I was accused by an elderly clergy widow of preaching a homily that was too academic. As I'd put a lot into it I felt a little crestfallen but dear Nancy was of course right. I'd fallen into that trap of trying to explain the relationship of persons within the Trinity and whilst it might have passed muster as an essay it certainly wasn't suitable for public worship. It is often said, keep it simple, and rightly so, and the greater and more complex the mystery, the greater the need for simplicity. God is Ultimate Mystery, revealed in Jesus Christ and present to us in the Spirit, and our foremost purpose is to grow deeper in the knowledge of this mystery through worship, fellowship and lives of dedicated service. One doesn't have to be clever to know God and intellectual pride can be a great stumbling block. A willing heart and humility of Spirit are all that God requires of us.

Every blessing,

Charles Booth

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