Weekly comment from the Clergy

Second Sunday of Easter
Low Sunday

8th April 2021 

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

I always think it a good marker of the church's health just how enthusiastic this cry is on the second Sunday of Easter, Low Sunday! I'm not quite sure of the derivation of the name but it often seems an appropriate one as the Easter season can seem somewhat anticlimactic. If it is, then we are reminded that Easter joy is anything but superficial. When the chocolate and the Prosecco has lost its allure we are left to contemplate that great, unfathomable mystery, The Resurrection. Its place in our hearts and lives is a gift of the Spirit, a gift that can only be received in patience and humility. Fortunately, the Easter season is long and at seven weeks it provides ample time for contemplation. Those weeks are also a microcosm of the Christian life itself for Baptism is each person's own Easter and life thereafter is an extended Easter season. We live and walk in the light of the risen Christ and as we do so, if our gaze remains on him, we will ever be mindful of the scars of the cross just as the disciples were in the Upper Room. For in resurrection the horror of the cross was not obliterated but redeemed. Very often, the fears and sorrows of life seem to obliterate joy. The gift of resurrection faith is that whatever we endure, joy in the risen Lord is ever the bedrock of our lives. May that joy be yours this Eastertime and always.

Charles Booth

Please refer to the Pew Sheet for parish notices. Also attached is an Order for Daily Prayer for the Easter Season to be used in conjunction with the daily readings on the Pew Sheet.

Bishop Karen is beginning a 6 week enquirers group on zoom starting at 7.30pm on 21st April. This is ideal as a refresher course in the Christian faith, as confirmation preparation, or simply as a means of getting to know a little more about the faith. To book a place please Email bishop.sherborne@salisbury.anglican.org by 18th April when a link will be sent out to all participants.

PS. The reverse side of the Pew Sheet, The Sunday Link can be found on the parish website www.stmarks-allsaints-westparley.org.uk


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