The Wardens - February 2020


From the Wardens Window


As I normally go away at Christmas I found it delightful, and uplifting, that I could attend all but one of the services (unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the Epiphany Carol Service) in my first Christmas season as Church Warden.  The Christmas Carol service at All Saints set the season off, with a large congregation and everyone in fine voice, and the Candlelight Festival of Lessons and Carols on the 22nd was also very well attended.  The choir surpassed themselves, and our thanks must be passed on to Ralph and all the singers. One service I have never been able to attend in the past was Crib and Christingle, and I was very pleased to see so many people attending, approximately 100 with 30 children.  Midnight Mass wasn’t so popular, but to counteract that All Saints was at full capacity for the Christmas Day service.

Well the church has now been stripped of its decorations, apart from the tree, and we are ready for a New Year.  Not just a New Year, but a New Decade, and as was pointed out recently a 5th of this century has now gone - that is really gloomy – I know “tempus fugits” but that is too fast!!  Have we learnt anything from our mishaps and blunders in the past – I don’t think so; the world is still lumbering on towards its own destruction, either climatically or politically.   I sound like one of those gentlemen I used to see in Oxford Street with a placard proclaiming “The End is Nigh”.  I am not usually a pessimistic sort of person, but 2020 has certainly started with some very bad press – we have the bush fires in Australia which must be of concern to so many people everywhere, not just in that continent.  I have 2 cousins, with 7 sons and daughters between them and countless grandchildren, and a niece who all live north of Brisbane and thank God that they are all doing OK at the moment.  Then there’s the news from the Middle East; that’s extremely worrying, and how it will affect Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and the other detainees we have yet to discover.

But, I am writing this early in January and there are 12 months ahead, so I’ll throw off the gloom and doom and look forward instead, with a smile, and hope and trust in God to see us through.  Helping to dispel the gloom is that fact that the budget for the church’s new financial year is actually looking quite positive.  Derek Warner did a great job in 2019 in keeping expenses down and we actually came out in the black, rather than the red as in previous years.  The APCM is in April and we will be looking for PCC members and sidespersons, so look into your hearts and see what you can give to the church that you don’t already.  Let us all pray that the coming year will be full of hope and sunshine, not gloom and dark skies.

Jenny Lewis



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