The Wardens - September 2019


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The weather can be so fickle, one minute we have a heatwave, then it’s raining hailstones.  We can’t blame God, though, it’s entirely down to humankind.   We’re ruining the planet, causing global warming and polluting the oceans and land with all our waste.

When I was young (a long time ago) we knew exactly where we stood with the seasons – it was cold in the winter and hot, mostly, in the summer, with spring and autumn doing what they should.  These days, though, you can’t be sure what season you’re in; spring seems more like winter and summer all in a couple of months; all the flowers start to bloom, and the lambs start to frolic, then it snows!   The only thing you can do in enjoy each day as it comes, wearing your raincoat over your bathing suit so you have all bases covered.

And we didn’t have everything packed in plastic.  Milk came in glass bottles, groceries were wrapped in paper.  Is this progress or a retrograde step?  Would this generation be able to survive now if we went back to how we lived just 50 years ago?  I’d like to think I could survive, provided of course that I had my central heating, washing machine, tumble dryer, and other mod cons, especially Wi-Fi !!

I sound like a grumpy old woman, don’t I, but I’m not really – personally I think all the changes keep us on our toes and stop us from becoming boring and set in our ways.  However old you are, if you keep up with the current trends, you’ll never be short of something to talk about, even if it’s only to complain, usually about the weather!

On the 4th August Val and Ralph Hebditch had a blessing for their 60th wedding anniversary and treated us to cake and fizz in the hall afterwards.  We wish them many more years together.

Changes were wrought at St. Mark’s, albeit of a “clearing out” nature.  On the 13th August several parishioners met at the church, with the necessary tools, to clear out the Annexe (that’s the section between the church and the hall) – did you know there was a window there?  It was amazing how many “bits and pieces” (rubbish!) had accumulated over the years.  Also, several tidying jobs in the church and car park were accomplished – the kneelers were dusted, the whole car park swept and cleared of all the fallen pinecones (single-handedly by Charles Thomas), and the hedge between the church hall and the rectory has almost disappeared courtesy of Corinne and her grand-daughter, Abigail. 

Although the weather didn’t look too good first thing in the morning, and it rained from time to time (our fickle weather again), there was no stopping the enthusiasm.   The Regimental Sergeant Major (aka Derek Lewis) handed out the jobs with gusto, but he was there in the thick of things.  Garnet, Frank and Corinne (plus Abigail) were the mainstays of the day, but thanks also to Peter and June Fawcett, Ann and Derek Warner, Charles Thomas, John Pike, Derek and Marjorie Hyatt, Sheila and Graham Thomas, Sally Elliot, Sandra and Yvonne, and John Brown (with apologies to anyone I have missed) - they all did an amazing job.

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