The Wardens - March 2020


From the Wardens Window


Heavenly Father 
look upon me and hear my prayer
during this holy season of Lent.
By the good works you inspire, 
help me to discipline my body
And to be renewed in spirit.


The Christmas season is well and truly over but now we start another phase of waiting, only this time we are not waiting our Saviour’s birth but his death upon a cross.

Our preparations begin in this church with our APCM which is on the 29th March, we shall be looking for PCC members, sidespersons, servers and cleaners, I ask you all to think what you could do to help with the many tasks in the life of our parish.

During the coming weeks annual reports have to be made up to date, the inventory including the counting of all the bibles and hymn books, so it would be a great help if anybody has one or more of these at home to let me or Jenny know.

As many of you will know and felt, at the end of January the boiler in the kitchen was condemned and a new boiler had to be fitted.  This work was carried out on the 3rd/4th February and the warmth of St Marks has been restored.  While the boiler was being fitted I carried on with some more of our clearing up and managed to fill my car up four times and made more than a few trips to the tip;  lets just say I’m now on first name terms with the gate man. We are continuing with our plans for upgrading our facilities, the flower group will soon have a sink in the annexe and we have plans for more storage space.

The parish lunches remain popular and Corinne and I really enjoy the preparation and choosing which soups to make.  We are always looking for new recipes, so if you have one you would like us to try please let us know, we avoid meat and fish but like the different vegetables around at the time.  During one of our lunches with the absence of Charles or Sheila I said the grace and many of  you asked where it came from.

It is known as the Ironmongers grace and was written by an Exeter Ironmonger for Queen Elizabeth the First.


God bless our food
God bless our ways
God give us grace your name to praise
And ever keep in health serene 
Elizabeth our gracious Queen.

Let’s hope it can remain in use for a few more years yet.

You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.

Derek Lewis



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