The Wardens - December 2019 & January 2020


From the Wardens Window


My wardens window covers  December and January, and what a busy time we have had so far.

The craft fair was another success, thank you Graham for all the hard work and time to organise it, the weather and the rugby world cup meant that the number of people coming was slightly less then we had hoped for, and to add to the day we had a tree fall down in the car park, which saw Charles & I braving the wind and rain to cut it down to make sure it was safe.

We celebrated All Souls Day with a moving service remembering our love ones that we see no more and then we had the Remembrance Service both at West Parley Memorial Hall and here at St Marks. Let us not forget the next big event,  the General Election, we hope that all parties will come together for the good of the country and end so much uncertainty.

With all the commercialism today it is easy to forget the meaning of Advent and our saviours birth, here are a few simple ways to help you celebrate advent.

Attend an advent service;  Why not try to make time to join us at St Marks for our Advent services.

Listen to  advent music; Why not listen to advent hymns in your car, at home during a meal or just sitting quietly for a few moments.

Set up a nativity scene; As you set up your nativity think about the journey Mary and Joseph embarked on and their uncertain future.

Enjoy special festive food; There is so much food waste at this festive period, perhaps we could all buy an extra item of food and put it in the food bank bins found in most of our supermarkets.

Remember our neighbours; Do you live alone or do you know someone who is alone, could you invite them to come and spend some time together.

Encourage Thankfulness; Why not take a few minutes out of our busy lives to reflect on the many blessing bestowed upon us.

Did you know that the yule log was originally a vast wooden log, designed to burn in the hearth for the whole 12 days of Christmas and a bit was kept to light the following years log, as homes no longer have such fireplaces the yule log is now a chocolate cake.

I would like to wish you all a blessed Christmas and healthy 2020, my optician told me that come January I would have 20/20 vision.

Failing is the process of learning. It helps you to grow and know who you are.

Derek Lewis



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